About David

David brings over 20 years’ experience in human and organization development among diverse international settings. David’s specialization rests on the core skills of human interaction: Communication, influence and persuasion, professional presence, establishing perception, and dealing with conflict. David’s work is rooted in critical thinking and social intelligence. A proven track record exists of developing professionals, enduring teams, and progressive initiatives combining interpersonal effectiveness and organizational strategy. David’s programs propel organizations by supporting global interactions, providing shared experiences, and reinforcing optimal organizational behaviors. Professionals can address sophisticated subjects with techniques that are easy to absorb and psychologically safe to act upon. Uniquely impactful about David’s methods is how he makes you feel about what you learn: He makes you care creating years of sustained learning.

David pursues a Doctorate in Organizational Development and Change, with a concentration in Evidence-Based Executive Coaching at Fielding Graduate University. Doctorate level work is complete in Physiological and Clinical Psychology. David holds Masters Degrees in Organization Development and Change and Counseling Psychology and Counselor Education from Fielding Graduate University and the University of Colorado at Denver, respectfully, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of California at Los Angeles. Executive Coaching Certifications from Fielding Graduate University and the International Coach Federation are maintained, while 20 additional professional certifications round David’s credentials.

David’s most recent internal role shaped the global leadership and organizational development strategy for Sony Pictures Entertainment with worldwide execution. David was also integral in facilitating development at  Sony’s other business lines including Crackle, Imageworks, Sony Animation, Sony ATV/Music Publishing, Sony Corporate, Sony Electronics, and Sony Music.

David is currently retained in multiple consulting and executive coaching engagements.

David’s most recent work includes:

  • The Positive and Practical Application of Organizational Politics
  • Change Management and Navigating Uncertainty
  • Customized Global Leadership Development
  • Professional Coaching
  • Tailored Learning and Organization Development
  • Organization Culture Design and Sustainability
  • Executive Presence, Presentation Skills, and Professional Speaking
  • The Management of Emotion in Interpersonal Relations
  • Perception Management and Personal Branding

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