About Courtney

Courtney joins Moxie Institute as a communications consultant with more than 23 years of experience in voice and speech work, and broadcast television. She is passionate about the art of communication and helping others navigate their narrative through speech. Courtney is a three-time Emmy award nominated journalist.  As a journalist for NBC she mastered the skills of producing, writing, and storytelling.

Ask her about her live interviews speeding around a NASCAR race track, or talking with astronaut Scott Kelly while he was aboard the ISS, or with legendary actor Sidney Poitier, tennis phenomenon Serena Williams, and heavyweight boxer champion Evander Holyfield. She has also covered stories overseas in Greece and Bulgaria. Her voice has filled concert halls, while she has stood on stages in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, China. Courtney’s passion for voice and communication has compelled her into leadership. She has trained journalists, and executive teams across Texas, to university students in Dubai, United Arab of Emirates.


Talk is cheap. Performance is priceless.

Let The Moxie Institute set the stage for your next big success.