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Public Speaking Training 101: How to eXcite Your Audience

Now, through our public speaking training 101 series, you’ve written your speech, varied your voice, and mastered your breath, so let’s talk about the rest of your physicality. So…how do you “X”cite your audience? Believe it or not, you’ll be using the same techniques that actors use. You can bring [...]

You Don’t Have to Memorize Every Speech. Here’s When You Should Use a Teleprompter App

Stage fright attacks even the best of us. Standing in front of thousands of people, it is easy to succumb to the biological factors that zap our memory and rob us of confidence. The anticipation of being on stage makes almost everyone with a heartbeat nervous. In fact 75% of [...]

Public Speaking Training 101: Breathe Deeply to Speak Powerfully

Industry leaders, great speakers, influencers, those with public speaking training—some people just do things differently—whether it's innovating, performing, planning, or breathing. Yes, we do literally mean breathing. Did you know that the difference between being viewed as powerful or timid lies in your breath? In fact, in our decades of [...]

Every Story is the Same | Will Schoder

Storytelling comes naturally to humans, but since we live in an unnatural world, we sometimes need a little help doing what we’d naturally do. Draw a circle and divide it in half vertically. Divide the circle again horizontally. Starting from the 12 o clock position and [...]

TED Talk | Talk Nerdy to Me | Melissa Marshall

Melissa Marshall brings a message to all scientists (from non-scientists): We're fascinated by what you're doing. So tell us about it -- in a way we can understand. In just 4 minutes, she shares powerful tips on presenting complex scientific ideas to a general audience. [...]

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