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What Should I Know? And How Do I Do It? Thoughtful Presentation Tips

Well, quite frankly, there is a LOT that you should know about becoming a great public speaker. We have plenty of presentation skills training and talented coaches at Moxie Institute who can guide you through this process but for the purposes of this article, we’ve curated some of our fundamental presentation [...]

Is Presentation Skills Training for Me?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY! Delivering great presentations and speaking with authority is a key business tool for virtually anyone whose career involves human interaction but especially those who are leaders in their profession. It may be as significant as volunteering to be the host for your company’s annual conference or [...]

Winston Churchill Had Stage Fright?

It might be one of the most fascinating, universal threads that tie us all together and assures us of our humanity - glossophobia. That’s just the fancy-schmancy scientific name for the “fear of public speaking”, especially when it comes to delivering great presentations. In fact, studies show that 73% of [...]

Public Speaking Tips to Improve Your Presentation Skills [The Ultimate Guide]

Chapter 1 How to Prepare for a Presentation Chapter 2 Start A Speech With A Great Introduction Chapter 3 How To Create Meaningful Content Chapter 4 Visuals to Engage Your Audience Chapter 5 Mastering Body Language [...]

Want to Talk like TED? First you Need to Write like TED

Talking for TED is one thing but talking like TED in all of your public speaking engagements is a sure way to impress everyone--TED and TED fans alike. TED speakers are intelligent, passionate and respected. And the techniques used by TED speakers are ones you want to use for your own presentations [...]

How to Write A Killer Business Presentation

Once you're ready to start to write the first draft of your presentation, believe it or not, the hardest work is behind you. "Really?" you say, "But I haven't written the speech yet!" Of course. And that will take time. But look how far you've come! Now you know what you want to [...]

Professional Public Speaking Coach Shares 3 Pet Peeves

Is there an e-mail trend that bugs you? Are there ridiculous phrases you can't believe people actually say in business? It's interesting that the most commonly voiced pet peeves involve communication. And although different pet peeves can be handled in different ways (like sharing them or simply moving on), wouldn't [...]

3 Proven Speechwriting Techniques all Great TED Talks Use in Their Presentation

Every great TED talk begins with a good outline. If you want your presentation to leave a TED worthy impression, you'll need to start planning long before the day of the speech: how can you make your message memorable? What should be included in the talk? What should be left out? Should there be [...]

TED Tackles Stage Fright: How 3 TEDx Speaker’s Overcame Their Fear of Public Speaking

"According to most studies, people's number one fear is public speaking," comedian Jerry Seinfeld once mused. "Number two is death. Death is number two. This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you're better off in the casket than doing the eulogy." There are plenty of [...]

Acting Techniques Steve Job Used To Speak Like A Pro In His Presentations

From start-up entrepreneurs to industry leaders, actors have knowledge to impart on many different careers outside of acting.  Most roles in the business world could take a cue from Hollywood and Broadway. In fact, many well known speakers, like Steve Jobs, relied on the sage advice Broadway actors to ignite their live presentations. How can [...]

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