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You Don’t Have to Memorize Every Speech. Here’s When You Should Use a Teleprompter App

Stage fright attacks even the best of us. Standing in front of thousands of people, it is easy to succumb to the biological factors that zap our memory and rob us of confidence. The anticipation of being on stage makes almost everyone with a heartbeat nervous. In fact 75% of [...]

Avoid a PR Disaster and Go Positively Viral with Media Training

Tiger Woods. Janet Jackson. Roseanne Barr. Big Tobacco. Facebook. H & M. BP during the oil spill. Burger King. Would they agree that “There’s no such thing as bad publicity?” Who can forget the biggest PR blunders of the decade? That is not the way you want to go down [...]

How to Choose a Corporate Training Company and What to Ask During the Discovery Process

How to Choose a Coporate Training Company Professional development is critical to today’s workforce. Your future leaders have committed to growing and improving their skills and they are expecting your organization to provide them. If the desire for growth opportunities within the company is not met, they will instead look [...]

Are Your Leaders Representing Your Mission Effectively?

Steve Jobs and the technology of today. Estee Lauder and the revolution of beauty. Walt Disney and the foundation of imagination. History’s greatest leaders didn’t just command armies and represent nations. They also shifted paradigms, drove economic and corporate growth, disrupted habits, and built loyalty from [...]

The Secret to Crushing Your Next Speech: A Masterclass

“There are only two types of speakers in the world. 1. The nervous and 2. Liars.” - Mark Twain Why would anyone skydive? It’s terrifying: you can’t breathe, you’re unprotected, and your blood pressure is, well, stratospheric. Why subject yourself to such strain? For the payoff. For the [...]

Why Communication Skills are Critical and The Most Effective Way to Improve Your Workforce

In our current era of hyper communication, social media everything, and cyber information overload, it may come as a surprise to you that communication skills are often the weakest in the vast majority of corporations. In fact, did you know that fear of public speaking is [...]

Elevate Your Brand with Employee Communication Skills Training

“What most employers want are written communication, oral communication, team building, and leadership skills.” -Jeff Weiner, CEO, LinkedIn Wouldn’t it be wonderful if leaders were born, not made? What if every single employee in your organization, from the greenest intern to the CFO, were natural performers, [...]

Why Communication Workshops are the Best Way to Spend Your Training Budget

In today’s forward-thinking business climate, you may be surprised to learn that the most under-developed and understated skills are, in fact, effective, interpersonal communication skills. And with everyone and their sister going live on social media videos, the gap between those maximizing communication soft skills and [...]

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