3 Public Speaking Tips to Create Their Own Luck Onstage

Before a speech, public speakers silently plead with the powers-that-may-be for a smooth performance. But success isn't out of their control. The secret to luck--that everyone doesn't want to admit--is that luck is simply hard work and preparation. If you want to reach the pot of gold at the end of your speech, learn [...]

Increase Your Bandwidth With These 3 Tech-Savvy Speaking Tips

In these fast times where Tweeting has become the ultimate form of communication, speakers need to connect with their audience at lightning speed. And that doesn't always mean in the boardroom--or in the same room at all. Virtual meetings have become a staple in this tech-savvy era, but what about the dreaded virtual presentation? How [...]

Stephanie Criner

"First off, THANK YOU! Amazing information, amazing presentation, and amazing fun – it says quite a bit that I looked forward to the time spent with you given that it was after work and just when the ‘evening chill’ was beginning to sink in … I wanted you to know that I [...]

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